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Welcome to the images section! Where you look at images I drew from a past to present time. These pictures can range from original pieces of my own characters and projects to fan art of things like Rayman, imscared and 123 Slaughter Me Street. Date is Swedish by the way. Images with other's characters or worlds are owned by their rightful creators.

The art-style I use is simple and quite easy to learn. If you want to see better then this place isn't for you. The images are free to download but if you're gonna use them for reviews or other purposes then give credit. Stealing and/or recolor my work will only get you into trouble.

Broke ImageStill amazed by the snow. Character is called Max btw.

Broke ImageIndustrial Max. To be honest early Thing-Thing has the most industrial, simplistic and coolest environments in a person's childhood ever.

Broke ImageRohnon. A sort of sage from a race called Reiwavin.

Broke ImageLarva listening.. With no ears. Can still hear things. This got made because I was told to do it for something. Apparently I can draw even without an idea at first.

Broke ImageThis is Torcha. I don't know what to do with her fully but I have a plan anyway.

Broke ImageShe might not be my most original character. But she's MY not so original character after all.

Broke ImageHi this is sorta a hi.

Broke ImageA Worm. A redesign even! Thought about going back to this classic franchise and made the design easier to work with. Slightly based of the Larvae but is a Worm anyway.

Broke ImageShe's

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