Welcome to the images section! Where you look at images I drew from a past to present time. These pictures can range from original pieces of my own characters and projects to fan art of things like Rayman, imscared and 123 Slaughter Me Street. Date is Swedish by the way. Images with other's characters or worlds are owned by their rightful creators.

The art-style I use is simple and quite easy to learn. If you want to see better then this place isn't for you. The images are free to download but if you're gonna use them for reviews or other purposes then give credit. Stealing and/or recolor my work will only get you into trouble.

Broke ImageNeseria. An old friend's oc.

Broke ImageJust an image of my old oc Harry giving Her from imscared a gift. Some sort of old shipping image really.

Broke ImageA large Meerjel space cruiser thing with the old main characters.

Broke ImageOld version of a tribute picture.

Broke ImageI would want to draw Crikaty again sometime.

Broke ImageThe old school, human boys!

Broke ImagePossibly my first ever Marathon pic!

Broke ImageLay low Crikaty. You're a cricket.

Broke ImageThe first time I've drawn heads differently.

Broke ImageThis is Gina. Some sort of monster psychopath character from a Postal influenced game I wanted to make. Anyway.

Broke ImageI wish I didn't fail at making this game. It's just I don't like drawing environments.

Broke ImageSomething from an old story plan. Mostly forgotten.

Broke ImageHis daughter is happy for him!

Broke ImageThis was an attempt at drawing in someone else's artstyle. The style's original owner I forgot.

Broke ImageCookie!

Broke ImageGlowing stuff.

Broke ImageA mainteinance synth lady.

Broke ImageGreat times when Nadja was here!

Broke ImageNadja just appeared in my 3DS without warning. Just kidding I've put her there.

Broke ImageI should probably remove this one...

Broke ImageSlendytubbies! Was awhile ago since I've drawn this one. Completelly forgot about it.

Broke ImageJeeme! Take a guess where she is. It's Bungie related.

Broke ImageThe old version of the Flowas for an old game I wanted to make. Didn't go well.

Broke ImageBased of a game for the Atmos Engine.

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