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Welcome to the images section! Where you look at images I drew from a past to present time. These pictures can range from original pieces of my own characters and projects to fan art of things like Rayman, imscared and 123 Slaughter Me Street. Date is Swedish by the way. Images with other's characters or worlds are owned by their rightful creators.

The art-style I use is simple and quite easy to learn. If you want to see better then this place isn't for you. The images are free to download but if you're gonna use them for reviews or other purposes then give credit. Stealing and/or recolor my work will only get you into trouble.

Broke ImageThis is Jewel. She's a character I made from my school years and was gonna be featured in a game. Now I don't know what to do with her.

Broke ImageGet ready for something! I don't know what!

Broke ImageIt's really not funny! Thought that the previous pupils wouldn't work with the new eye form so I changed it.

Broke ImageThe terrible Itch! I might not remember what Jewel was supposed to be.

Broke ImageThe head form speaks 'Nja' again.

Broke ImageDifferent head shape for Jewel! It was just an experiment so it's not a replacement for her. She's also still mouthless.

Broke ImageBe no good when die. That's the answer to all.

Broke ImageOld Rezzy pic from Twitter! Has a game ref here as well.

Broke ImagePracticed a bit on redrawing a music album cover. "Last Word" By "Light Blending In" The guy here is just a scientist I came up with for a 2D game.

Broke ImageDon't believe her?

Broke ImageZeem Zaam Zuum.

Broke ImageRezzy Questioning reality.

Broke ImageNo. Elephants grows from trees.

Broke ImageThis is Rikgle. No need to answer anything yet.

Broke ImageThis is Brighter Jewel. She bright in color, not in the head.

Broke ImageMizaloizy being sad again.

Broke ImageThe birthday boy comes in December.

Broke ImageVictor in a hostile area.

Broke ImageThe first Reference drawing of the Larva I've made! I can't remember correctly what they where supposed to be in but they're influenced by the Worms series.

Broke ImageThis is the 2 Larvas Zeddy and Milly!

Broke ImageAgain. Zeddy and Milly.

Broke ImageAgain. Zeddy and a new designed Milly. She has a story element in her hair.

Broke ImageThe main character of Prosp! This image is old by the way.

Broke ImageSwewr. So Swewr Hose that it huwt!

Broke ImageDon't know what Rsk is yet. This is just a pose practice or something.

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