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Welcome to the images section! Where you look at images I drew from a past to present time. These pictures can range from original pieces of my own characters and projects to fan art of things like Rayman, imscared and 123 Slaughter Me Street. Date is Swedish by the way. Images with other's characters or worlds are owned by their rightful creators.

The art-style I use is simple and quite easy to learn. If you want to see better then this place isn't for you. The images are free to download but if you're gonna use them for reviews or other purposes then give credit. Stealing and/or recolor my work will only get you into trouble.

Broke ImageThey found Dexter! Someone.

Broke ImageAxjey tells something funny without meaning it and Iri laughs.

Broke ImagePossibly not broken image of a traditional drawn guy.

Broke ImageAnother 3DS character of mine. I can't work with 3DS.

Broke ImageA synth called Green.

Broke ImageAnother oc. This was just a quick reference of someone called Zeemy but I like it very much.

Broke ImageNo And Yes. It's not that tricky.

Broke ImageCute Zeemy for you.

Broke ImageYes. I've gotten Marathon backgrounds going on here.

Broke ImageArt for a 1hoshi star from a couple of places.

Broke ImageA charming pic of Zeemy.

Broke ImageIt's possible.

Broke ImageSo many Zeemies! (Just 2)

Broke ImageThe Corporate icon of Xin from my 3DS game Atmo. Xin Corp, creating the future.

Broke ImageSome practice on human races.

Broke ImageFrom the Manic Circus!

Broke ImageSomething different. Still cute but also very anime. Nja is basically something any member of Zeemy's specie says.

Broke ImageThis is Ete, an old character I made for a slideshow in the past. I thought the project wasn't that good so I stopped with it but I couldn't let the characters die like that. There might come more from it.

Broke ImageThis is Gaern, He's a writer and still wears plate armor. He was to bring Ete out on an adventure and they both ended up falling in love.

Broke ImageNot very new but it's perfect.

Broke ImageKodard and Jebby. Note that here the Screeners have mouths(Or visibly Jebby only). Who are these characters?

Broke ImageThis is an old image if you didn't know. The shading was an experiment and I might go back to it. It's Skree related this one!

Broke ImageOld picture of a game character's new design. He appeared in a Half-Life 2 mod that I made and it's gonna be remade as an Xbox game in the (Presumably existing) future.

Broke ImageMaggot! Do a 3D Liero game!

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