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Welcome to the images section! Where you look at images I drew from a past to present time. These pictures can range from original pieces of my own characters and projects to fan art of things like Rayman, imscared and 123 Slaughter Me Street. Date is Swedish by the way. Images with other's characters or worlds are owned by their rightful creators.

The art-style I use is simple and quite easy to learn. If you want to see better then this place isn't for you. The images are free to download but if you're gonna use them for reviews or other purposes then give credit. Stealing and/or recolor my work will only get you into trouble.

Broke ImageSwedish sheep right? Yes it is.

Broke ImageAn image related to an old game idea. The game was kinda like Cataclysm DDA and was about these creatures in a sunless world. I don't know if I should continue with it, I don't know a lot but sometimes does it anyway so who knows?

Broke ImageRaxick.. It should be worked on sometime.

Broke ImageJeeme in a human ship. Not canon.

Broke ImageAnother old friend's oc called Looky Spooky. I really didn't meant to hurt the guy.

Broke ImageA picture related to the Zpink image.

Broke ImageJust some Aphex Twin related area work.

Broke ImageCrikaty!!

Broke ImageA floating type of creature that was related to something I wanted to do. I might want to do something with these later.

Broke ImageRemake of the Cold Black tribute image at page 1.

Broke ImageFruktansvärt!

Broke ImageMy boy Pave.

Broke ImageThe Pau'Karrfa is a Mexu drinking type of creature.

Broke ImageA sad tale Raxick character unrelated to the Raxick project. Her character page is available at the documentary.

Broke ImageReally sad Rax.

Broke ImageStill really sad. Raxick nature is grim.
Broke ImageGetting happy at the gardens.

Broke ImageThis is more like a practice thing for distant city landscape artistry. Not bad is it?

Broke ImageBased of an album. I kinda do these kind of stuff.

Broke ImageA character from the Flowa game I've wanted to do.

Broke ImageEnemies from the Flowa game. Not the main enemy but is an enemy.

Broke ImageOr 'Violent Realtime Worms'.

Broke ImageA Liero oc. Quite different from the others. He has a character page on the documentary.

Broke ImageMenacing Liero guy!

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