Track is called "Onicis 492" by Clarus.

Marathon project

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The Marathon Project is a Marathon game that's gonna be made with it's own engine using SFML. The battle between Humanity and Pfhor is still raging. You are a Born On Board named Simuterius Kefkä that's been assigned to work as a marine for one of the newest UESC factions and are tasked to retrieve an artifact which originates from an extinct alien specie.

It's a simple 2D engine with a taste of carnage!

The engine's gonna be straight to the point and will be easy to make custom scenarios for. First I need to know the process of making self-made file formats. And if you ever had the thought that this is similar to Glow, then you're really not wrong. Glow where gonna be cancelled if it doesn't turn out well so I might have the ideas transfered to another project.

Unless I made that Alpha Halo engine for the Xbox, this project shall be done.

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