The track is Binary Transmitter by Tineidae. Will get removed on demand.

Old N3DS Version


Atmo is a Stand and shoot game for the Xbox Series X/S that is based on Valve's game Prospero that unfortunatelly got canceled in favor for Quiver, which then turned into Half-Life. It isn't know much about Prospero, but I guess it was extremely similar to the newer Quiver.

A tormented girl named Piik from the far stretching future wakes up from stasis inside an abandoned research facility owned by the Xin corporation. Piik was forced into psi research and there for can use psi to fight and solve riddles where average humans can't use psi at all. She's a unique specimen and are wanted for her psionic abilities. The corporation wont stop until she's captured and reused as a test subject for their heinous research.


Switched to Xbox. Sucks that it couldn't get to be on the N3DS. It could have had uses of the touch screen.
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Broke Image
It's currently using the Universal Windows Platform settings to run on the console but is gonna be exclusive for the Xbox in the future. I've just began remaking the first level which is gonna be more detailed than the previous. (Better hardware and such)

Reimplemented the attack ability and other small things back to the game.
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Forgot to update. Sorry. The first level is nearly finished and I am planing on working on the 2nd level simultaneously.
Broke Image
Broke Image
Terminals are gonna be featured in the game for giving out information and interactivity.
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The 1st level can transition to the 2nd level decently. Trigger-Based-Climbing makes a return as well and Finite-State-Machines is gonna be readded.
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Gonna try force myself into making sprites for new and existing characters

Most of the project's code have been reworked on for optimization. Here's an image of one of the test maps.
Broke Image

Worked on the Xin9 Security Guard's sprites and will test him in the game soon.
Broke Image
Notice the gun? It's a sample weapon! This is how it actually looks like!
Broke Image
The pickup sprite for the Handgun.

Small update. Got some sprites for the first rebel variant done and are hoping on continuing with it.

The Xin9 Security Guard can wield a handgun and a medium gun now.

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