Happysoft Games

Herdy herdy herd.

Timesplitters Trouble at the Docks
I and some friends went over to the docks to play tennis when everyone suddenly got the urge to kill each others. Marvelous times.

Morrowind Xbox Let's Play P1
A let's play of Morrowind for the Xbox. Would want to continue with this if I want to.

My first successfull Xbox home-brew application! Just an image with music but I was happy that it got made.

Timesplitters China Time
The chinese had enough of those darn Zombies taking their food (And some brains) so they're gonna try to give them the same treatment by taking their bag of something something.

Timesplitters Mansion
A walkthrough of the last horror themed level in Timesplitters 1.

Voids Run (My own game)
A cancelled game that was replaned to be a book cause that's just typicall.

StalkPeop 1
This was mean't to be an oldschool HL2 machinima. I made the geometry, trigger events and voices... Yeah,

Timesplitters 2 Industrial Mayhem
Footage of an industrial revolution. Again. Ghost and Ghost and Ghost, Cortez and a random mutant had enough of each others so they decided to strike at one another.

Campn - The Forgotten Test
Me playing a Half-Life 1 total conversion that I made. (The mod however is unfinished) And it's also played on an Xbox. Recorded from VHS.

Timesplitters 2 Hangar Frenzy
The hangar personel has guns and are trying to kill each other! Never forget that the hangar personel has guns and are trying to kill each other.

Thonamera Preview
A preview of my work with my hobby Marathon game Thonamera based of those Pantamera commercials.

Xbox Engine (CurrentStage)
The engine I'm working on for the original Xbox called the Atmos Engine.

Halo CE - First Mission
The first mission from the nostalgic game Halo Combat Evolved! I may not remember it's name which is why I call it "First Mission" but I guess it's called "Pillar of Autumn" maybe with a "The" in it as well.

HL2 Cheaples in Marathon! Spooky things indeed.

Krem Prototype (1)
Another Xbox game in progress. The level isn't finished, the ally characters are using the player's graphic, it uses Halo music and some enemies aren't done yet. Except for Atmo, This game is meant to be short, little and cheap to buy.

Hello (Beach Jeaping)
Recording of me playing a Hello level as an amateur. Also showcases the first vehicle!

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