The Raxick Race

Broke Me

A Raxick Male

Raxicks are the sentient race of the Orrez world. In appearance they're grey humanoids with no noses, have colored eyes with inverted brightnesses and big cat like ears. They don't have any fur or any hair (If wondering) and when grown old their skin tints into a random greyish color.

They grew up in the cold wilderness and evolved from ferocious predators to more passive omnivores which made them really tough towards cold temperatures even without fur. In tradition there must always be an alpha to lead and hold responsibility and to be predatorial. In Raxick culture you must be respectful and healthy. If not then you're not welcome.

Raxicks are also believers and when you're from the correct family then you'll be praised because of what your family made for other Raxicks.

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