The Purest Humans

"It all started to crash when the internet was made." I would say myself.

This documentary will explain what the Human race can do to be better. When all modern things get removed and we rebuild our entire lives. This was inspired by StalkPeop 1 over by the videos section and The Child That Smelt Funny video from YouTube.

Currently we're dependent on technology and PCs and everyone has a lot of those things. What would happen if we took those away from the Earth? A global Riot? Maybe. I know that addiction is bad. I have addictions on my own even and I want to get rid of most of them. But people doesn't understand yet that they're doing things wrong. So if we took away your modern tools, don't attack. You can live a more peaceful life and get new.

This document is more about what I had in mind to better the Human race which needs a build up, and then strip the old and build something new and good. A new form of civilization which is Passive.

The Passive

We remove everything and build up all else from that everything. Sounds pretty bad now but it's a good idea. Our property of today is making us weaker so they're not needed as they are. Use our technology to make a healthier life and not games for play. We remove the corrupt economy and teach people how to live without gadgets. In time they're gonna get used by their new life and everything will be for the better.

There's a couple of items each family is gonna keep.

Food for eating.
A music box.
A small house to sleep in.
And optionally your pet.

These are the only things a human need to survive from then. Music is kept but TV and computers will be erased as they failed us too much. There's gonna be careers still as well but in a limited number.

Protectors that holds hostile animals and heretical Humans at bay.
Workers that keeps the structure and needed tech alive.
And Majors to hold the order and nothing else.

The world of today is grim and communistic and need to be removed. Even if the fun vanishes it'll be worth it. Don't think your life is the only thing that matters. Don't be selfish. I might not have a lot of self esteem but that doesn't make me bad. I'm actually sure that I would be better off like that even.

This is all for now. This page will be updated in the future.

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