Non Anthro Human

Broke Me

You might look at this and ask "What the Hell is this?" so I would say "It's a non humanoid Human".

A non anthromorphic man (At least this one) isn't much different from ourselves. Just as stupid and violent with a touch of morality in some, except they're not sentient. These Humans can also shoot spikes from the holes on their chests and they use their feet as hands in times of need. As animals, Humans can't speak for an exception for making Caveman noices like "Ugh" "Ung" "Uga" which they use for their way of communication.

Hair is a viral thing for Humans. The more hair one has, the more power it deserves to get. Head or facial, bald people aren't respected at all. (No harm to actual bald people cause we aren't this really now)

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