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Broke Me

Bungie's Marathon was something that I've found out about when I was a PC gamer and I instantly got dragged over to it because of the story. It's what changed me, what changed my stories the most and what got me into Mac.

I gotta be honest. This is the best story driven game I've ever played. Also the most atmospheric one as-well. From the Marathon colony ship to Lh'owon, it is a Security Guards journey from a Human ship to alien civilizations and worlds outside the current one. A maybe forever lasting battle against the Pfhor slavers and then a quite challenging tour to save the universe from something awful. Not really good at describing things but you got the vits about what I'm talking about right? If not then you can experience the journey yourself. See you star side. This is the Aleph One engine.

The mouse viewing was trash in the PC version (Back then?) so I got the idea of getting a Mac. Not only because of the controls or that I want to leave PC behind me but also because I'm a huge fan of the series the first time I've played Marathon 1 and I wanted more from it. It was a Mac game in the beginning so I was desperate to get a MacBook. As someone that grew up with Halo, I can see Marathon as something I will adore. I am adoring it and are part of it's community. (The Pfhorums) It's a small community but the smaller it is, is making it better.

I'm trying to make my own scenario(s) which ain't easy since I'm not good at writing text and design big and appealing looking levels. But I will do my best cause Marathon was something I can look up to.

This documentary is a work in progress

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