Getting Ideas

Just getting some deas.

"How do I get ideas?" No one asks. Obviously from inspiration. And music. And autism.

I remembered what my friend SweetMangle103 said. Apparently I'm super creative when I get ideas from listening to music and I agree on that. I'm even impressed by myself that I get these kind of crazy ideas. I'm mixing my experience with others work and metamorph them with my taste in music. That's something I never knew I had and it must be because of my autism.

One time at my old work-place, I must have complained why I had autism. But then my co-workers said to me what's positive about it. I remember only (Currently) that it could give me these ideas I'm getting. It seem's to be making the brain "Special" enough from the rest that the host can get thoughts not like any other.

Examples. I get ideas like pushing away Humanity and make another sentient specie the main of the story. Humanoid or not. My specie, the Meerjels was supposed to be one of those. I get the idea (Or theory) that sentient alien life isn't Human looking and that we're not mean't to rule over them. Obviously that's because of my hate to a certain company and their most favored game. And I also get the idea of (Don't be hatefull here) antagonising American and making another land the hero. The Americans pride is an obvious template for story-telling, how they can be the next menacing force. Making sense cause pride is a sin and I kinda call America the land of sin cause of what's always going on there.

Autism might also be the cause of my love towards simplicity. It's easy and calms you down. So that's all in this documentary. Even tho you might call autism a pain to deal with. It is but it can have benefits as-well.

The End
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