Broke Me

Name: Rezzy Akle'Ikle
Age: 18
Type: Civilian
Occupation: In an apartment on Izkmom

Likes: science, Jojos, music
Dislikes: Scorpions, boredom

Happy and active. Has a thing for guitars and jojos.

Skills: Jojo tricks and guitar play.


Rezzy was the most unique Bordolian in her village. Abzee was one of the least living place in the Bord world. It was a boring fishing town only meant for gathering cheap fish for outside merchants to sell. When Rezzy where 6 she got attacked by a Scorpion. When 12 she had to be forced to fish like everyone else. She wished she could make things in the village better. But when she was 14 her grand father visited her family.

He talked about his town that was a more happier place. He asked if the family could move to this place that's called Izkmom to be happier. The parents couldn't but Rezzy was more than willing to leave Abzee. She was in the age to choose for herself so her grand father (Called Roglan) took her out of the village and to Izkmom. Rezzy expected it to be the world's most happiest place. But it was just an average town. Roglan said it was at least happier than Abzee and Rezzy finally could laugh. Grandpa gave her a jojo and let her listen to music.

4 years later. Rezzy move out of Grandpa's house and to her own apartment. She learned to play guitar as she found a liking for rock music. Got to be part of a band called Spline and got to be extremely good at jojo. But she still wants to make Abzee better. When she visited the village in hopes that it got less boring, it was still as boring as she remembered. But she decided to stay and try make it better.

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